Movie Launch
Palm Beach Resort - Cannes
Distance: 20 minutes walk to the Palais des Festivals
Date: May 23rd 2013
Person: 200 persons


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Palm Beach Resort
The Palm Beach resort accommodates you on a surface of more than 6800 m ². You will find there a gaming room with sight on the islands of Lérins joining together machines with under and plays of table, a discotheque, 2 rooms of reception having each one a terrace overhanging the sea, a beach with swimming pool (July/August) and entertainment throughout the year.

Amirauté Marquee
The Marquee is 6000 sqft, and opens up onto a 5000 sqft terrace facing the sea.
The Marquee also has a stage of approximately 6X5 meters and is provided with an
on site standard technical equipment (pls see costing at the end).

Amirauté Marquee & terrace
Usually the cocktail is done on the outside terrace of the marquee facing the sea. The Resort also offers casino infrastructures, and a Club.

Transportation could be needed as this venue is 20mn walking distance from main
seafront hotels in Cannes and as it is located at the very eastern side of Cannes.

Cocktail 20:00   to  21:00
Amirauté terrace
Cocktail Style 
200 guests 1hr with Champagne non alcohol
59 €/person

9,000.00 €
      3 Canapés
24 €/person
4,800.00 €
      Amirauté marquee Rental
7,800.00 €
Dinner 21:00
Amirauté marquee Banquet Style
200 guests Menu at
160 €/person
32,000.00 €
      Wine package
40 €/person
8,000.00 €
    Sound & light
- - 3,250.00 €
    Security Guard 6 2 agents are strongly advised 2,400.00 €
    Cloakroom 3 2 Hostesses min required 1550.00 €
        Total 67,405.00 €

Note: vat is not included in the prices


Screens and Equipments

  • Theatre Screen
  • Projector
  • Music system
  • Podium
  • Microphones
  • Lighting

45,000.00 € vat not incl (for Equipment and Screen)


6 Place Etang 06400 Cannes, France

  • Lounge
  • Club
  • Bar
  • Restaurant

Events Types

  • Dinner
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Musical Galla
  • Lunch
  • Breakfast

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