Cupp Computing

Stand design for Cupp Computing of 18 sq.meters.

Wooden Painted walls + meeting room Wall according new design. Bamboo floor 2cm H. 1 wooden walls with white led ( back wall). 1 front desk – lockable + holes for cables to have mini fridge connected inside 1 shelf type cabinet under TV screen to have cables in it. 15cm H. 1 Cabinet in front of Fire extinguisher thing which lockable door. 12, Slats in opening of meeting room. TV Screen – 42 inches with USB connectivity 3, HQI 70W. 1, 500W. Socket (TV) 2 units 1, 500W. Doble Socket 1, White high table Ø60cm 4 Methacrylate stools 2, “Company” logos in 3D 1cm thick green and white paint Lighting over signage – outside logo

Stand Prices

8,200 Euros €

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