Terms and Conditions

1. Payment Terms: The total reservation amount is required to be paid by client to World Expo Plus LLP as follows: 100% of total payment within two (2) Business day after signing booking form. Please note, proof of payment is required in order to confirm your booking.
2. We require all international transfers to us to be made with the OUR instruction. The OUR instruction means client pays all transfer charges.
3. The cancellation of a booking will be accepted only if it is in writing and signed by the person signing the booking form. It is agreed between The Company and Client that should Client wish to cancel all or any part of booking then Company shall be entitled to the following percentage of the booking costs: A) Ten (10) weeks or more before departure – Deposit; and (B) Within ten (10) weeks of departure – 100% of Cost. In the event of a cancellation the Company, shall be entitled to retain a sum sufficient to cover clerical administration and other expense incurred. The Client shall be further liable to pay the Company an amount equal to any loss sustained by it that exceeds the amount being held by the Company in the account of the Client.
4. All rentals are subject to the conditions that the Clients will pay for any damages caused by them to the accommodation and its contents during their occupancy of the accommodation. For this purpose a security deposit may be assessed to the Client and must be paid by the Client when required by the Company. This deposit covers the cost of breakage’s, electricity, gas, water, telephones or other costs which may be applicable.
5. The number of persons occupying the accommodation may in NO circumstances exceed that indicated or specifically agreed in the accommodation description for any period of the rental. Should the agent find more persons than those stated in the booking form, it is totally up to his discretion to ask the Clients to vacate the accommodation. An immediate fine of €1,500 will be levied. Also, for the extra people having stayed for one (1) day or more, the Client will be charged on a pro-rata basis except for infants under two (2) years of age.
6. The Company shall provide the Client with the confirmed accommodation unit type of suitable size, configuration, location and rating for the Client’s booking. The confirmed accommodation unit type is noted above. If for any reason, the Company is unable to provide the Client with the confirmed accommodation unit type that the Client has booked, the Company reserves the right to transfer the Client to a similar and equally suitable accommodation unit type. The Company will not be liable for any further obligations for claims by the Client. Similarly, in the unlikely event of any advertised amenity, equipment or service is unusable during the tenancy due to “force majeure” or any other reason, the Company will not be liable. If the Client abandons the accommodation, without authorization from the Company, the client loses all rights to any eventual refund or rebate.
7. The Company reserves the right for its appointed local agent to inspect the accommodation as necessary during the tenancy, given reasonable prior notice. The Client agrees to use his best endeavors to comply with the instructions for the proper usage of the accommodation and its facilities. No prior notice will be given if access is required for emergency reasons (e.g. urgent repairs).
8. The Company will be entitled to recover from the tenants the amount of all claims made against the Company with respect to any damages caused by the tenants to the accommodation or its contents. The Client shall advise the company or its agents of any damages or losses to the accommodation or its contents before departure.
9. For any complaints regarding the accommodation by the Client, the Company or its agents must be notified within twenty four (24) hours of the occurrence thereof during the term of the booking. Complaints lodged only at the end or after the booking period will not be take into consideration
10. Descriptions of accommodation unit type whether given in a brochure, email, by letter or word of mouth are given by the Company in good faith based on the latest information received and is the belief that they are true but shall not constitute any representations by the Company other than that the Company honestly held such belief at the time. The Company shall not be held liable by the clients for any discrepancy thereto or for any modifications made thereto by the owner without the knowledge of the Company.
11. The Client agrees therefore that these conditions and any contract to which they apply and any claim or dispute arising out of or connected with them are governed in all respects by the laws and courts and venue of the United Kingdom.
12. References herein to “the company” are to World Expo Plus LLP.